Changes for 2017 onwards! is now a part of a network of awesome indie sites run by Tasty Trixie, who you may already know and be promoting. (I am still adminstering the website and my affiliate program, but not adding new content to my members area.)

Already signed up with Trixie's WebWhoreBucks? Then you don't need to sign up again to promote me. Look below for the correct way to link to my website so CCBill tracks the sales, and send an email to webmaster {at} with your affiliate ID and ask for the link to my promotional hosted galleries and downloaded zip files of photos.

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More info and affiliate program rules has been online since 2003. It's the longest-running of its type, even though it's now an archive and I'm retired from porn. Some niches my site appeals to: hairy women, small breasts, natural bodies, brunettes and long hair lovers, panty fans, and anyone who like homemade smut. Here's what you get as an affiliate:

* 50% of new sales and 50% of recurring ($10 per month)
* Reliable third-party billing and checks from CCBill
* Photos for TGP submission and free hosted galleries
* You're promoting a unique site that surfers haven't seen a thousand times

Rules and fine print: Affiliates may not write as myself, Furry Girl, in the first person. Affiliates may not "promote" me in degrading ways, such as on sites that describe hairy pussy as disgusting. I do not allow the use of the words "teen", "barely legal", etc, to promote my site. Don't be creepy.

I have a lot to offer, so check out my tour for ideas on positive, accurate, and sexy ways to promote me. If you need any help with promoting my site, drop me an email and I'm happy to give you pointers.

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