* What's with the name Furry Girl? Before looking into the porn industry, I never thought of myself as "hairy". Furry seems like a cuter description, so I bought the domain name furrygirl.com. I couldn't pick a fake name that I liked, so "Furry Girl" just sort of stuck as my porno name. In retrospect, I really wish I had picked a better name. It's awkward to introduce myself at public events as Furry Girl.

* Why did you retire from porn? There just isn't enough money in porn any more! Thanks to the combined forces of the recession, and the amount of free/stolen porn available online, people just don't spend money on porn like they did 10 years ago.

* Can you email me a pic of...? You can't ask a girl to give away all the good stuff for free! I have thousands of photos in my members area, and I bet you'll find just the one you're looking for as a member.

* Where can I meet hairy girls? I really have no idea, it's not an easy question like, "where can I meet New Yorkers?" I wish you luck in finding your unshaved dream girl, and I hope you'll join me for fun in the mean time!

* Do you shave your legs? Nope, I just have light hair on them, so photos at a distance make them look hairless. I do have close-ups in my members area for my furry leg lovers.

* Can we date? Can I fuck you? My site is not a dating ad, it is a porn site.

*Do you wear glasses? Yes, although I usually have my contacts in during the day, I have some cute brown frames you'll see on some of my sets. My current contact prescription is -9.0 in my right eye and -8.5 in my left.

* How can I make my girlfriend/wife stop shaving? Why do so many men think I would endorse pressuring a woman to change the way she looks? Unshaved, for me, is how I prefer to be, so I respect every person's right to choose how they want to look, including women who want to shave. If an unshaved pussy is the primary thing you look for in a partner, be up front about your interest and only date hairy women, rather than dating shaved women and trying to make them change to please you.

* Do you squirt? No. A lot of the "squiritng" you see in porn is just pee. The consumer demand to see squirting porn is greater than the supply of women who can squirt.

* Do you sell videos or DVDs? No.

* Can I buy your panties? No.

* I want to make a porn site and become rich, how do I do that? I have no idea, since I've never been rich myself. It's not 1997 any more, and running a porn site means more than just uploading some snapshots of your girlfriend to the web and then relaxing on piles of money. You're going to have to do real work and put real time into it if you want to make any money at all. For would-be webmasters, start by reading every how-to article on YNOT and Xbiz.

* I want to be a porn photographer, how do I get into that? A class on photography at a community college would be one place to start learning your way around a camera, and there's also Charles Gatewood's "Photography For Perverts" book. If you're looking to take the next step, try OneModelPlace.com.

* Will you model for me? Will you sell me your content? I do not not sell/license my content and I am not looking for "photographers" to "work with."

* Can I send you something? Yes! I love presents. I have a wish list with Amazon if you feel like being sweet and I appreciate every gift I get.

* Can I interview you for my college newspaper article / dissertation on alternative porn? No. It seems like all college students these days write papers on how neat "alternative porn" is, and I'm tired of answering the same questions over and over.

* I have a billing question/problem! I do not personally handle billing for my site, that's taken care of by a trusted third-party biller. If you lost your login or need to cancel, please go to CCBill Support.

Ready to contact me? Awesome! But first, you must agree with the following three statements:

* "I have read the FAQ page and will NOT waste Furry Girl's time by re-asking questions she's already answered."
* "I am NOT emailing to ask if I can have sex with Furry Girl."
* "I understand that Furry Girl gets tons of email, and I probably won't get a reply for at least a month for non-urgent emails."

After years of answering the same things over and over, I have to put my foot down when it comes to dealing with people who can't be bothered to see if I've already addressed their question.

All set? Click here to email me!