FurryGirl.com is not about big companies, tacky porn sets, or having a boyfriend running the show and pretending to be me online. It's just me, my hairy pussy, legs, and pits, and whatever I decide to do with my body in front of the camera at the moment. I run my site myself and answer my own mail, something that's a rarity in these days of impersonal porn. Get to know me, my turn-ons, and every inch of my unshaved body through original photos and videos, live cam shows and chat sessions, a message board, my private journal.

I don't wear them in all my sets, but I do sometimes showcase my very cute brown glasses. (For serious spex fans, I'm a -9 and -8.5.) I took these photos of myself one morning over a cup of chai and a book with a nice beige cover to match the color scheme. I ended up pulling out one of my favorite vibrators and starting the day off right... Members of FurryGirl.com get all the yummy details and closeups of me masturbating.