FurryGirl.com is not about big companies, tacky porn sets, or having a boyfriend running the show and pretending to be me online. It's just me, my hairy pussy, legs, and pits, and whatever I decide to do with my body in front of the camera at the moment. I run my site myself and answer my own mail, something that's a rarity in these days of impersonal porn. Get to know me, my turn-ons, and every inch of my unshaved body through original photos and videos, live cam shows and chat sessions, a message board, my private journal.

I've always liked foot fetishists. I love having my feet rubbed and cared for and even bitten during sex. I hope all the foot fans out there enjoy this gallery of me rubbing pink frosting all over my feet and licking it off on your behalf. Along with my cute feet, you can see all sorts of other fun porn on my site, FurryGirl.com