Hello, and thanks for visiting me! I'm Furry Girl, an amateur gal with a full bush, fuzzy legs, and hairy pits, and this is my homemade porn site. (Click those links to see free "hidden" photos, I'm rewarding you for reading. This lady of easy virtue thinks that literacy is hot.)

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Everything about my body is natural, and most obviously, I don't shave any of my sexy bits. I have long soft brown hair that comes to my waist, which I usually wear down.

I enjoy making quality amateur porn that is sexy in a cute sort of way. I've always been an exhibitionist, and I opened this personal site in January of 2003 to share that part of my life with everyone. (And to have the best job in the whole world!) Since then, I've created over 10,100 original erotic photos, and you can see them all instantly by joining now. I'm 30 now, and while I'm semi-retired from porn, I still add occasional updates to the great collection in my archives.

Why should you consider joining furrygirl.com? Unlike cookie-cutter mainstream porn sites, you can email me, read my journal, and see intimate porn that brings you right into my bedroom. There's no webmaster making up cliché "horny slut" text to go alongside a pile of generic images- I write and create everything myself. I'm in complete control of my site, and I wouldn't do something just to make a quick buck. I think you'll agree: porn is a lot hotter when you're watching someone who's enjoying the action as much as you are.

Give my free area a try, and I hope you'll be seeing more of my fun self-made porn inside!